Air Quality & COVID-19 

At Third Coast Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery we take your safety very seriously. In effort to combat microorganisms and disease transmission, we have not only altered the way patients flow through our office, but have added measures systemically scrub the air in our facility.

  • We employ screening questions on the phone to ensure that only healthy individuals come to the office and are asking those that are sick or have come in contact with a sick person to delay their appointment.
  • Temperatures for all patients and staff are recorded daily.
  • We are of course employing our standard universal sterilization precautions for instruments and surfaces.
  • We have face shields, N95 masks, and appropriate personal protective equipment available.

Our facility is equipped with several measures maximize safety and sterility. Below are a few of the recent additions we have made to lower disease transmission.

  • Our walls are coated with a patented antimicrobial additive. It acts to draw bacteria and viruses out of the air and kill them on contact.
  • HEPA air filtration is now in place on all of our HVAC units for both intake and return air.
  • There are individual exhaust fans in all of our surgical operatories to expel all aerosol that could be created during surgery.
  • We have installed a photohydroionization (UV light) systems within the air ducts to further disinfect and purify our air.

With all of these systems combined, the net result is that the air in our surgical suites is turned over 16 times per hour. This in coordination with the antimicrobial paint, universal hygiene precautions, and screening measures makes your trip to our office low risk for contagions.

Please understand, our goal is to keep you as a patient, as well as our team members, safe.