Growth Factors

Growth factors are used as adjuncts to your standard surgical care. They have applications ranging from third molar surgery to enhancing cosmetic procedures. See below for the products and services we offer.

Platelet Rich Fibrin 

Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) is a product made from a sample of your own blood. We draw some blood, exactly like at your doctor’s office as if you were having a blood test. The sample is then placed into our on site centrifuge. This process separates your natural platelets and growth factors into a small clot or plug. PRF can be helpful in managing everything from simple extractions, to dry sockets, even up to advanced bone grafting and reconstructions.

Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate

Stem cells have become a growing treatment in modern medicine. Oral surgery is no different.  They harness the healing potential of your own body and concentrate that regenerative potential at the surgical site. Regardless of the need for stem cells, we can harvest them here in our practice and use them to compliment your care.

Bone Morphogenic Protein

Bone morphogenic protein (BMP or Infuse) is an extremely potent bone growth inducing product. It is a naturally occurring protein within all of us. This protein has been studied extensively and now can be produced in a laboratory. Through recombinant technology, it is now available and can be used as an adjunct for bone grafting.

We use this product in our practice because of its efficacy and reliability. If this product is recommended in your treatment plan we will discuss what to expect and any potential side effects.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Similar to Platelet Rich Fibrin, this is an aggregate of your own platelets and growth factors created from your own blood all done here in our office. There are specific differences between PRF and PRP that our practice will review with you. This is a great addition to cosmetic and reconstructive procedures that will help us maximize your treatment outcome.